08 November 2012

IBM Software for System z For Dummies ®

Yes, you read that right.

You do need to give up some contact info, but you can download and read IBM Software for System z for Dummies ® and learn how System z is the right path for your growing business. Integrity, transaction handling, technological superiority, all are hallmarks of the System z family, a tradition going back to System/360 days.

07 November 2012

An ongoing list of z/Architecture assembler things that you forget if you don't use them often enough

This blog entry will be updated and reposted whenever I come across things that I should remember but my brain has forgotten due to infrequent contact with the item.

  • TRT munches GPR2. That's why the subsequent compare failed miserably.
  • Man, there are a lot of SVCs and PCs that won't work in AR mode. Make sure you switch out of AR mode before calling macros like WAIT.