20 July 2012

Guest blogger coming soon – and an open invite to others

So, after a few blog entries, it looks like that this blog is going to be a lot about the development and debugging experiences when writing system tools software, as well as the toils and tribulations of working with computers on what should be simple tasks (like updating Windows) from an old-school mainframe perspective. 

(GUIs? Ha! We don't need no stinkin' GUIs! When I was your age we had switches on the panel and blinking lights, and we liked it!)

A good friend of mine - or should I say ein gut Freund - Martin Trübner asked if he could contribute his experiences working with one of those other IBM mainframe operating systems, z/VSE. I said sure! I do miss working with z/VSE; it's been about 8 years since I worked with it on a regular basis. It requires a bit more hands-on management from a systems programming perspective, which is good, as it keeps the brain engaged. I wouldn't mind getting a chance to dip my fingers back in the platform.

Look for his first guest blog post in the next few days.

I also am extending an open invitation to all mainframe software developers to guest blog. You've seen what I've done so far. If you want to share your thought process on designing or debugging of your daily routine (nothing proprietary, of course!), please send me an email, drop me a note on FB, G+, LinkedIn, XING, or Twitter, or send smoke signals in the Sacramento vicinity, and please make sure they do not look like the recent spate of grass fires we've had.

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