25 June 2013

Pitfalls of reusing storage with ATTACH(X)

So here's a little something that bit me, and it's something that I know, and has bit me before. Be careful if you reuse storage.

Some development shops have macros that set up CALL parameter lists in a particular area. Or maybe you've done that yourself. It's tempting to use that area for parameters passed to an attached program (PARAM, MF=(E,area)). However, if the attaching program uses this area again before your attached program has a chance to get it, the attached program will pick up whatever is there. So the pointer you expect , maybe to a program communications vector table, may wind up being something completely different, say a log process block. The famous IBM line "unpredictable results will occur" becomes prophetic. In my case, it was an S052-0101 error, which is a problem with LXRES. Now my PC was not executing LXRES, but because the loaded address came from not the expected area, whatever garbage was picked up was identical to LXRES.

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